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Friday (January 21, 2022)

6:00 PMFind A TeamLooking for a team or need an extra member or two? This is the event for you! Finding a team for an online hackathon can be challenging, that’s why we’re hosting a Find-A-Team event on Friday, January 21st at 6:00PM. Come to the MinneHack Discord Server and join the #find-team channel. MinneHack staff will work with you to find group members to help you have the best hackathon experience possible!

Saturday (January 22, 2022)

3:00 PMLivestream BeginsMinneHack is live on - the stream will go live an hour before kickoff!
4:00 PMKickoff!The start of MinneHack! At this time we will introduce MinneHack, go over how the event will work, the prompt, and what we expect from a submission. Prizes and extra events taking place (called MiniHacks) will be covered. We will also have a short time for our partner organizations to speak.
4:15 PMPrompt is PostedThe prompt for MinneHack 2022 will be posted at this time, and can be found at
4:30 PMTeam Forming in DiscordIndividuals without a pre-formed team are invited to join the Discord voice channel #find-team to find others seeking a group for this year's competition.
4:30 PMFirst Mentor Shift BeginsMentors from our sponsoring organizations will start being available. Most mentors will be logging off by 10:00PM CST, but a few may stay later.
8:00 PMCTF OpensMinneHack partners MLH and USAF will be running a Capture the Flag event at this time. This is a cyber security challenge where you will solve puzzles and exploit vulnerabilities.
8:30 PMCTF Closes
10:00 PMCode Golf OpensIn this MiniHack event, you will be given a programming challenge (think Fibbonaci sequence) with the goal of implementing your function in as few characters as possible. The shortest submission wins a prize!
11:00 PMCode Golf ClosesCode Golf submissions are due at this time.

Sunday (January 23, 2022)

12:00 AMResume RoastWriting a good resume is hard, so we invite you to try your hand at writing your worst resume. Bring your midnight creativity and perhaps you'll leave with a prize!
2:00 AMMS Painting with Bob RossChill out with us for a bit as we follow along with Bob Ross on stream using MS Paint. Open up your own canvas and send us your final product - a prize for the top submission!
10:00 AMMentor Shift 2 BeginsAt this time mentors from supporting organizations will be available online to help groups.
12:00 PMWereWolfMLH will be running a game called Werewolf at this time. The game works similarly to 'Town of Salem'. Tune into the stream to learn more!
2:00 PMDevPost TutorialNeed help with your DevPost submission? Tune into the stream to go through the process with MinneHack staff at this time. This presentation will cover everything you need to know to have a complete MinneHack submission.
4:00 PMHacking Ends - Submission CutoffYou must have your DevPost project submitted by this time. DevPost will automatically remove the option to submit your project after the deadline. If you are having trouble submitting your project, please contact MinneHack staff early so that we can assist. It is recommended to submit your project an hour before to avoid any unforseen hangups.
4:00 PMMentor Shift 2 EndsMentors will no longer be online after this time.
4:15 PMJudgingWe will play all the submission videos on stream for the judges to evaluate. You will also have the option to vote on your favorite projects, so tune in!
6:00 PMClosing CeremoniesClosing ceremonies will begin at this time on the stream! Our event organizers and supporting sponsors will share some closing words. The winners will be announced on stream and published on DevPost at this time. Good Luck!
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