Frequently Asked Questions

How does topic selection work?

We'll announce a topic during the keynote speech (6PM on the 2nd).

How does team formation work?

Teams can be formed ahead of time or at the event; no formal ahead-of-time team registration is required.

What type of project deliverable is expected? Is the deliverable a presentation about what you built, or is is just the thing that you built?

During primary judging (2:00PM-4:30PM on the 3rd), the judges will walk around and score projects. The top 10 teams or individuals are then notified that they've been selected for the final judging. They produce a presentation, which is presented to the judges and all competitors.

Will we be allowed to talk to judges about our project in a two-way conversation?

Both primary and final judging are both fairly interactive; primary more so due to the smaller-scale interaction.

Will there be multiple categories for prizes?

Yes, although I can't speak to what they are. Last year, I know they included a bunch of AWS credit for the best AWS-using project. In general, I'd highly recommend seeing what categories your project could fit into a couple hours before submitting it -- I'm still kicking myself over not applying for the AWS category when I competed last year.

Will the size of the team be considered (higher expectations for bigger teams)?

No. Furthermore, each team member receives the same prize an individual would if the team wins. Last year, the first, second, and third place competitors were all teams, so I'd advise teaming up!

Your website says come with ideas. Is there a general topic or theme, or is it anything?

There will be a theme announced.

Is there a list of people who are looking for teammates, or any sort of built-in pairing mechanism?

We'll also announce a Discord at the keynote speech; there's a channel there for finding teammates.

Will you be providing travel reimbursements this year?

We'd like to, but it isn't currently in our budget. We will have a solid confirmation by the end of the calendar year and will still be providing buses to Madison, Urbana Champaign, and Purdue. If you're interested in being one of the bus captains this year, please contact us at

Have more questions?

Reach us directly by email at!