We have a winner!

Someone has already completed the CTF Mini-Hack and earned the top prize. Don't worry, all hope is not lost! If you have solved it and you would like a special MinneHack CTF badge in luxurious Grey PETG, email acmctf at unown dot me (from the email address that you submitted to the endpoint with the correct flag!) with your physical address before the end of the hackathon. Offer valid for the Continental US only.

Andrew, the ACM UMN Webmaster, created a super cool MinneHack CTF badge that he wants to print out and distribute to participants. He used OpenSCAD to design the badges and wrote an equally cool online STL viewer to let the other ACM UMN officers admire his handiwork.

Since OpenSCAD files are version controllable, he kept track of all his work with Git.


You're looking for a flag of the format flag{sample_flag_text}. Make sure to include the flag{} text in your submission, otherwise the flag won't be accepted by the backend.

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